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Press & Reviews

National Geographic

Oct 2015

Reisen Exklusiv

March 2015


March 2016

Robert S.
# What a blast!

… a tour to the desert in Jeep s, camping in the desert during full moon, local traditional Iranian music and a trip to islands in the Persian gulf. We’ve seen lots of amazing ancient sights, including some rarely visited and rather unknown ones, we’ve seen lots of amazing landscapes including the desert and Hormuz island, which is looks like you entered the lad trip of a geologist, so diverse, colorful and exotic it looks… 

Manzoorul I.
# Excellent Trip

My family (my wife and 3 daughters) and I decided to have our family trip to Iran as we wanted to explore the majestic country that we read about. We chose to travel during the winter as the kids would love to experience a colder weather compared to Dubai where we live. The reason for us choosing Lilon Travel was reading all the previous good reviews on the company. We were not dissapointed at all…

Vanessa R.
# Trip well Organized!

Shermin organized a lovely 4 night trip for me in October, taking in Tehran and Kashan. The hotels selected were great, the recommendations for restaurants and attractions were spot on. Great local guide. She did a great job. 

Boris K.
# Off the Beaten Path…

Lilon travel offers you a hand made trip organisation with stays at charming places, in old caravansérais, and nice drivers. Very professional handling, and a follow-up throughout the trip through a local mobile phone and a local correspondent… 

Max F.
# excellent!

We were 4 people, 30-35yrs, and did the classical 2 week Iran round trip in May 2015: Tehran, (flight to) Shiraz, Persepolis, Yazd, Garmeh, Mesr Desert, Isfahan, Kashan and back to Tehran. And it was a really great experience and absolutely worth it…

Joanna S.
# Lot’s of attractions from dawn to dusk…

 … Salt desert trip + Kashan, finally we also saw the underground city & fortress in Nunshabad. We left Tehran at 6 a.m. & returned after 10 p.m., so it was a long day, but packed with sights and info. Our guide (and his aunt, the somewhat dynamic driver 😉 were very friendly, although there were occassional communication problems… 

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my final Itinerary?

A week before your departure, we will send you all your travel details, including a detailed itinerary as well as all addresses & phone numbers of your guides, drivers, hotels and your local contact person. You will be able to access this information via our travel app on your smartphone or tablet. Once you download the app on your device, the information will be accessible offline. To be on the safe side, we will additionally send you all information in a pdf file which you can print and take with you. You will have all information a week prior to your trip, but we really advise you to wait until you’re at the airport to start reading the itinerary. In our experience, your trip will be much more fun if you just go with the flow & enjoy serendipity!

Will you help me with my Visa?

Of course! Before you book a trip, please read the FAQ section below on Travel to Iran to see what visa regulations apply to you. There is a whole section on visa requirements. As soon as you book your trip, we will get in touch with you to help you organise your visa, or assist you with any questions you might have. If there are issues with your visa, we will reimburse your costs (minus possible administration fees we might have had).

When do I pay?

Upon booking, we charge a 20% downpayment. Once we receive your booking information, we will be in touch with you personally for visa preparation, potential vaccination, or whatever other information necessary to prepare for your trip. If we see that there might be any problems regarding your visa, hotel capacities, or other issue that might arise, we will reimburse your money instantly. Otherwise we will start planning your trip, make your bookings, all the while being in contact with for questions that might arise. We will ask you to make the final payment 3 weeks before your trip starts. If you book less than 3 weeks before the trip, we will ask you for full payment after we checked that there are no issues with your booking.

Will I get my money back, if I don’t get a Visa?

Upon booking, we charge a 20% downpayment. Once we receive your booking information, we immediately check if there is enough time for you to apply for a visa (if applicable). In case we see that there is not enough time to apply for a visa before your trip starts, we will immediately reimburse your downpayment.

Can I chose which places I want to see?

Are you sure you want to book through #planmytrip? If you want to be in full control of your itinerary, we might not be the right service for you. The whole point of #planmytrip is to let us do the workgo with the flow and enjoy serendipity. You can include one destination you want to see, or exclude one destination you want to avoid. We will try to take this into account. Other than you cannot chose your itinerary. Rest assured that we will prepare an amazing itinerary customised to your personal travel preferences and the amount of time you have. Note that Iran is a big country with many tourist attractions, and we have the expertise on building itineraries where you will get to see as much as possible, customised to your personal needs and the season you are traveling.

What to pack & what to prepare?

As soon as you book your trip, we will be in touch with you peronally for visa preparation, potential vaccination, or whatever other information necessary to prepare for your trip. We will send you info on what to pack depending on the type of your trip (money, dress code, necessary utensils for outdoor activities, etc). While your itinerary is a surprise, we are there for you at all times to answer any questions you might have regarding your trip.

How much money will I need to bring?

As soon as you booked your trip, we will inform you on how much extra money you need to bring. This depends on the type of trip you book and amount of days you are traveling. Tour trip price covers all expenses except for entrance fees, taxis, some lunches & dinners, and private purchases. Note that if you book a nature & adventure trip, many lunches and dinners will be included in the trip. If you book a culture trip, only breakfasts are included and you will need to pay for your lunches & dinners yourself.

About us

Travel APP

When you book a trip with us, you will get a login to our TravelApp containing your detailed itinerary, a digital guide book, your tickets, as well as all contact information of your guides, drivers & hotels. Once you download the app from any app store (iOS or Android), you will be able to use it offline, on any smartphone or tablet device.

Payment Guarantee

As a company based in Germany, Lilon Travel is obliged by German Law to issue a payment guarantee certificate for each single traveller booking a trip with us. Upon downpayment, you will receive a payment insurance, which which will guarantee that we will deliver the trip you pay for, and if, for whatever reason we are not able to meet our obligations (it has not happened so far) you will be able to claim the money for our insurance company.


Lilon Travel promotes sustainable tourism. Wherever possible we will organize traditional & authentic accommodation like guest houses, rather than big hotel chains, with emphasis on authentic places & local food. We promote respectful cultural submersion by focusing on individual travel instead of mass tourism.


The company was founded by Shermin Voshmgir, an Austrian/Iranian artist & entrepreneur who has traveled the world herself, first with a backpack, and lately with a samsonite trolley. Headquaters is in Berlin with offices & partners in Iran, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Oman, Armenia, Albania & Portugal.